Anchors of Encouragement
Wednesday, August 14, 2019
By ISOsplash

“Anchors of Encouragement”

I sometimes feel lost at sea with bouts of doubt, confusion, anger, or whatever. There is this yearning to reassemble my broken self and settle towards changing focus, for what could be louder than the drowning sounds of my inner voice screaming as I am grieving? I suppose everything is relative. So I go back to the ‘summary slides’ of the real fighters that remind me, once again, of what strength can be. Their expressions of portraying genuine joy in the face of fragile outcomes remain a lesson I’ll need to relearn many times over. To those going through trying times, I do hope you are able to find your own respective way through it all- acknowledging that it can often be a labyrinth. For me, it is the memory of these moments spent with these beautiful kiddos that serve as anchors of encouragement.


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