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Friday, September 20, 2013
By ramon nayar

“Wyoming’s Window”

There I stood, off the interstate-beaten path, above the Boysen Reservoir in Wyoming looking across the water without tide despite its ebb and flow. Almost as if a mirage made itself known during the drive up route 789 on a clear summer day, I wanted to stay here and see what star constellations would appear to map my thoughts and reflections from a road trip that felt like a dream. Sometimes, a clear sky becomes a blank canvas for those to paint their ponderings on what was, what is, or what could be. An even horizon line separated the ripples from the realities that we’ve faced, that we long to replace or remember and trace over and over again. In the wake of it all, I found myself still dreaming- gazing into what would seem to be Wyoming’s Window of wonder- beneath the sky and above the water, waiting for what would come next…
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