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Tuesday, May 13, 2014
By ramon nayar

A day dream did descend upon my view just after the morning dew and yesterday’s rain. I pondered the possibilities of what would make a “car park”, as the English phrase it, something a child association could have more appreciation for. Teeter tots and monkey bars were no place for all these cars for a vehicle should really remain at rest while vacant. And so I thought of the landscaped grounds that embrace the merry- go- rounds and remembered those gerber daisies I saw while climbing up the slide. As the damp cement glistened with the sun, I thought I’d have some fun by replacing those lamplights with an array of bloomed beauty for this day. This juxtaposition with this weather condition was still surreal and enough to feel this important constant we sometimes hide. For from the simple swings to a fueled car ride this daydream sings to abide by the inner child that is wild at heart and wants to start the morning free…
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