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Tuesday, March 17, 2015
By ramon nayar

"Like Linus and His Blanket"

A beautiful, Bangalore-based golden retriever named Krypto is about as sweet and affectionate as can be- that syncopated breathing full of rhythm beating to the drums of joy for all he meets and greets. Definitely one to fetch a ball or simply fetch a petting session from any of his humane counterparts, Krypto is what helps to make any day more enjoyable. And, when it's time for an afternoon nap or evening slumber, know that his sweet dreams are never without his favorite blanket. He'll even trot this childhood attachment up and down the stairs- perfect placing this amenity to surpass the comfort of any body pillow or teddy bear. Profound personality traits become something to cherish about our companion pets- their "quirks" becoming something staple with their routine and adored just the same. And so, to Krypto who has won the hearts of his forever home, let that marble floor reflect the precious nature of Krypto and his Linus-like blanket tendencies...

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