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Saturday, May 03, 2014
By ramon nayar

Perhaps a breed misunderstood by many, this is simply not the case for Arlene and her baby basset boy, Noir. She knows what to say in a special kind of way that makes both his day and hers. Noir shows his affection by being close by and Arlene feels so bright and never questions why the two of them were just meant to be. The saying of “I was chosen by him” could not be more true for this beautiful pair of kindred souls. Regal in his own right, Noir knows that he owns the heart of his mother who has provided a loving forever home for this rescue. And the way she watches over him is simply a reflection of how he watches over her in his own way. Should we ever be so lucky to share special and tender moments of a journey that is still full of wonderful experiences before the destination is reached. As a co-founder of an amazing animal rescue, Arlene knows first hand what it feels like to have one’s heart truly touched by a basset hound. And perhaps this is why Noir and Arlene are an example of expressions that really do speak to the heart...

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