Conservation Considerations via Canoe Tour
Wednesday, July 10, 2019
By ISOsplash

“Conservation Considerations via Canoe Tour”

What a great way to enjoy a beautiful day with The Conservation Foundation via canoe tour down one of the most high quality sections of the Fox River! We got to breath in the fresh air and share this experience with those that can truly appreciate our protected lands. Navigating this 7.5 mile journey between sandstone bluffs and transplanted life all the way from Canada and Minnesota was quite magnificent to see... not to mention nesting eagles! We had a brief beachhead stop to provide room to stretch the legs and listen to the flowing creek tranquility among both damselflies and dragonflies, the former more unfamiliar than the latter, wings propped up instead of out and apparently prone to the fashion scene with its exquisite midnight blue hues. Doing our part to collect an occasional parcel of trash felt good to properly purge the otherwise non-biodegradable blemishes to these preserves. Perhaps it is in our true nature to embrace our open lands and understand that word-of-mouth-outreach can help each one of us to get off that couch :)

More info on the Lower Fox River Conservation Plan here:

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