Drive It Forward
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Sunday, May 19, 2019
By ISOsplash

“Drive it Forward...”

With an amazing appetite for audio design, Mr. Julian is more than motivated to be assisting me in creating a fantastic sound recording space via barn renovation. This space will serve as a place to capture podcasts for other non profit programs that can get the good word out with the positive impact they continue to make.

The only challenge with recruiting Julian’s talent and knowledge was that he didn’t have his own car. So I gave him mine... as long as he promised to take good care of this otherwise inconspicuous supercharged engine of vroom. When he asked what he could do to one day repay this deed, I told him to be mindful that he will one day have the opportunity to pay something special forward to someone else. Combine that with just being the best he can be, this partnership will give him every opportunity to blossom his own consulting business based on his love for designing recording spaces.

To say Julian is driven is an understatement, and to help me help other amazing causes drive change for a better world... that’s pretty darn cool indeed

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