Hope Inside Me (reprise)
Wednesday, September 04, 2019
By ISOsplash

Hope Inside Me (reprise)

Close your eyes
And spread your wings
To reach the skies
That this dream brings

Love surrounds
Your every breath
And you’re at peace
With no regrets

With every day
From dusk till dawn
We’ll find a way
To carry on
And you’ll know
To let go

In times apart
You’ll learn to start
With new days;
In times apart
I’ll learn to start
With new days;
In times apart
We’ll learn to start
With new days...

And I know
There’s a rainbow
And you know
There’s a rainbow

I’m keeping hope
I’m keeping hope inside me

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Hope Inside Me (reprise) [rough take]

music expression to decompress my father's end of life journey with late stage pancreatic cancer. it's been crushing on the soul and yet i am grateful to have been the caregiver for my father these past six weeks. how ironic that their 49th wedding anniversary on August 1st was celebrated on my own 4 year cancer free anniversary. how i wish i could have siphoned some or all of my renewal for him. these lyrics were written to help surface a more-than-likely relatable dynamic for anyone touched by cancer. i plan on recording an EP of a few tracks inspired by my own journey as a pediatric children's cancer volunteer, then a cancer fighter, and presently a cancer caregiver. i would like for all of the proceeds from this material to be donated to a few amazing cancer support programs that i have been so blessed to be a part of. we are not alone.

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