In Stride
Friday, September 27, 2019
By ISOsplash

“In Stride”

Even as a child, I was always mesmerized with walking behind my father. He had a pace to him that would literally leave mom at least 1.5 terminals behind him at the airport (full disclosure… my mom just had to take notice of some of the shops whaaaat?!). He was just always on the go in a big way… places to go, people to see, information to audit, credit & report on… you know… the usual (for those that didn’t get the reference, his flagship product for his software company was ACR). One of his dreams was to one day have a farm since he grew up on a farm back in Kerala, India, once upon a time. And now our family has ‘Kerala West,’ something beautiful for the future generations to cherish. He loved walking those trails… often times not only out pacing guests 1/2 his age, but inciting pleas for him to slow down! I plan to start being there more often, when the time is right- maybe this fall but definitely this Thanksgiving since his wishes were to simply have his ashes spread there in the company of our immediate family. I’ll probably start creating a body of work for a personal collection of landscapes, close ups, and the like. The nerd in me will do some drone mapping and then create some waypoint lookouts and gathering spaces named after family as well as references to my father. I suppose bouts of grief are inevitable, but grief with honoring those we love is a way that i can take all of what life brings in stride…

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