Paw-Based Post Op w/ Teddy Bear Comforts
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Wednesday, July 03, 2019
By ISOsplash

“Paw- based Post Op w/ Teddy Bear Comfort”

It was a tough day last week- taking in my boy to get an objective perspective on the quality of life that comes with health challenges and aging. Bosley had developed a growth, under his paw, that was starting to cause mobility issues not to mention occasional distress. Add to that an uncomfortable sore on his lip that his canine would rip open while eating every now and then, and this 17 year old lab was just not feeling so great. It’s a fine line- a balance to know that I would never want him to suffer on my account, and then seeing him bust out in a random gallop when he’s doing his business while wagging his tail- ugh... what am I supposed to do?! 

Thankfully, getting him seen for a wellness check resulted in a healthy heart stronger that most labs his junior, so he wasn’t showing any signs of decline due to age typical of senior labs. After the blood work came back, it was clear that we had a path to remove both the sore and growth under his paw. And, with any surgery, there are always risks. So steeling my nerves, dropping him off yesterday had me feeling a bit empty- contemplating life without my Bosley. On one hand, I have no regrets- volunteering with him and his brother was such a rewarding experience for all of us. On the other hand, not being able to come home to the kind of unconditional love that I’ve grown used to would feel like a major life change. Either way, I was prepared...

And so, with the grace of fate on our side, Bosley made it through like a champ! He’s super out of it (if you can’t tell), but looking after him this holiday weekend is a need I’ll happily address! Thanks to everyone who have grown to know and naturally adore this Labrador Retrieving sweetheart :) It’s amusing to see that he uses his teddy bear more often as a muzzle pillow than anything else! But whatever paw-based post op comforts Bosley needs is absolutely fine by me!

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