Reborn After these Rainy Days
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Monday, March 19, 2012
By ramon nayar

An enduring winter was washed away when April’s showers did not stay beyond a little while. Perhaps a spring would have to share its season and forego the smooth segway that our childhood stories spoke of. There rested on the window the downpour from the day before as the morning light showered upon the trees now budding with their first leaves of the year. Perhaps it was unsurprising to those neighboring evergreens that could never relate to. And yet for any oak or birch tree, this was a sight not only to see, but to savor. And so I looked within and wondered what season my heart was in- if it was ready to reclaim the joy that lay dormant from blankets of apparel that could only serve as a surrogate to true warmth from the once frigid weather. This fresh canvas of spring leaves was greeting me, and then I knew that my joy was reborn after these rainy days…

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