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Thursday, August 08, 2013
By ramon nayar

“All Aboard”

Professional boxer, Aaron Burns, has both a positive and powerful presence that anyone can sense in the training room, in the stadium, or at school when he’s picking up his 7 year-old son. Like his grandfather and father before him, Aaron has been blessed with a sparring talent that is not likely to be matched by even a few. He has endured and embraced the hundreds of pushups and situps he became accustomed to at the mere age of 9. And, aside from all of this stamina, determination, and pure strength, Aaron is one of the most humble athletes you will ever meet. There is kindness and gratitude in his voice, a sincere tone that emanates perseverance with humility. His faith is reflected by a tattoo of Psalm 23:4- something to rejuvenate each and every day when he sees his reflection. Aaron is an engine of inspiration and would say to any young, aspiring athlete these very words, “No dream is too big. Stay focused because it’s all about persistence and determination.” And so, for those of us who have taken that phrase to heart and are looking to continue on a journey that leaves from the traditional yet tried and true origin of Hard Work, then know that Aaron is yet another great role model who can say with conviction, “All Aboard!”
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