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Wednesday, September 19, 2012
By ramon nayar
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“Faith in the Forest”
One could work his or her way towards the infamous El Capitan of Yosemite National Park, finding wonder and searching for meaning while the sun’s morning light paints this massive rock that serves as a gentle reminder to how small we all really are in comparison to nature’s monuments. Step by step, the eyes can’t but help look up among these wooded surroundings. But what could it all mean, and why does one need to get away to find that newfound inspiration or revelation? In the absence of a pre-defined path yet with a destination in mind, we make our own journey filled with memories that we reflect on, experience in the moment, or perhaps envision and look forward to. And how do we know that we won’t lose our way or savor just one day of life with grace and gratitude? The questions of introspection feel as thick as these thousands of trees and I’m in the middle of it all, with no point of reference other than a massive rock to serve as a visual compass. And then I look down and pause, only to see a sign that was waiting for me all this time. Two massive trunks spanning easily over 20 feet in length had fallen upon each other- probably over a decade ago from a fire, laying among the rocks for me to witness. And the perspective became clear as I saw this view, and that is where I had found faith again. Suddenly, that rock seemed to bear less intimidation as the morning’s light echoed into this mood of surroundings. And with this faith in the forest, I continued on…
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