The Commencement of Change
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Monday, October 14, 2019
By ISOsplash

“The Commencement of Change”

It’s not starting over but yet a new beginning. Familiar forestry seems to have found its way to a different day of prolonged hues in waiting- perhaps contemplating how the inevitable color may cause more pause to reflect on what may be in varied alterations this time around. He’s not here and yet so much of him still lives inside me- with less of a conflicted struggle and more a sense of peace. My heart which remained closed off for several seasons now embraces this autumn wide open... like a front door bringing in a brisk morning breeze emphasized when I realized that only wearing boxers would bring out the best of goose bumps. Brrrrr-oken I shall be no more. Rather, i’ve come to prefer ‘in process of reassembling my ability to love again.’ So i’ll start with this buckeye tree to see the yellow sunrise colors encourage his fellow neighboring leaves to bring their respective reds instead of staying that procrastinated green. Continued culling of the deadwood makes way for kindling and trails which will soon be shared by good company, conversation and song. How grateful I am indeed to feel like I finally belong...
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