The O.G. of Drones
Friday, July 12, 2019
By ISOsplash

“The O.G. of Drones”

I remember the first time I took the Phantom 1 drone to the skies back in 2013- so old school with the RF antenna video feed hack from a GoPro 2 (bleeding edge at the time)- trying not to get motion sickness from my yo-yo maneuvers. But I learned crash free (for a little while) and was amazed to see my own vicinity from up above if from just a few hundred foot hover. And below my view...deer, large shell turtles, hawks, ducks, geese, turkeys, owls, bats, hummingbirds, coyotes... my backyard has so much wildlife bliss that it’s easy to miss an occasional observation that makes good conversation to those who are curious about the world around us in any capacity. How strange to arrange these reflections in the midst of a particular dragonfly staring at me (possibly laughing) seeming to whisper, “been there, done that. Welcome to the next level of biodiversity woke-ness, bruh. And thank you for not spraying insect killer because we eat mosquitos.” Well, at least that’s what I daydreamed this dragonfly may have mentioned to me anyway…

(captured w/ camera phone because any other setup sounds exhausting lol)

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