Warrenville Well Wishes
Friday, October 04, 2019
By ISOsplash

“Warrenville Well Wishes”

A perfect sunset sky served as a prelude to an extra special potluck gathering where it was actually okay to just bring one’s presence and an appetite to a Thursday evening dinner. With both familiar faces and friends I haven’t met yet, it’s the feeling of being welcomed into a hosting home where one can feel mesmerized by the eclectic accents of a personal touch and help lug a huge tv into one’s garage (because why not). The tile on that pool table room though... I mean wow. And a parrot commentary on the billiards competitors was just too much fun. As for foodness, some features including fresh berries picked from Michigan, a rainbow trout from the Ozarks, and all the smells of absolutely astonishing home cooked eats were a treat for us all. And how about some amazing charitable giving projects discussed by the most humble yet accomplished world travelers?! But the best part of last night for not only myself was that this laid back, unplanned and yet perfectly played get together had all of us laughing, learning and loving on life. Maybe that’s what these Warrenville Well Wishes are all about... Guess I’ll be hosting the next one very soon- hope to see you all (and more) there. Oh, and that’s a “hell yes” for going to Iceland next year for that rally race :)

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