With Every Season
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Sunday, September 29, 2019
By ISOsplash

“With Every Season”

Hi Pa,
We had an extra special night last night. Everyone said I clean up well, and you know my polite response was, ‘it is true that I actually took a shower....’ Of course Narayan was one of the first people on the planet to have the new iPhone 11 featuring 3 cameras or whatever technological milestones comes with that nonsense- it made for some great ‘blank stare’ goofy captures of us siblings. We do feel a greater sense of being closer and all about ‘Team Mom.’ And as for mom, she looked so beautiful with her date Aunty Ione. Mom and her sister even drank some wine- that was shocking. The spouses of my brother and sister were both there- it was extra special with two word greetings for each: ‘hey bro’ and ‘hey sis.’ We have all come together to honor your legacy.

Bill Curtis wasn’t the M.C. this year- instead we were blessed with the infamous Peter Sagal from NPR’s ‘Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me.’ Wow that dude is short- but definitely well spoken and a fellow ‘environmental advocate’. But he is deceivingly short. We got the ‘G-Man’ auctioneer again- Pete does as a horrible yet memorable impression of him with his English accent... how it is that he met Dahlia at a hostel I’ll never know... or question... for after all you met mom on a bus (technically she went out of her way to meet you).

Mrs. Rossi introduced me to my date who (technically) went out of her way to meet me. I think you’d really like her because she carries a few key qualities similar to mom... spunky, driven, talented, and opposite of me in so many ways. She is just a beautiful person that I genuinely believe in. I look forward to letting things unfold in an ‘accurate, consistent & reliable way.’ Okay, maybe not the best place to insert your company reference but I know your laughing...

I keep thinking about your laugh- that cadence of intermittent pauses that release more laughs like the airbrakes of a truck. I imagine mom reading this letter to you in bed and how you would both react. Then I think about you impromptu-ing a story to me and Narayan, and how all of us would beg you (now we’d probably pay you) not to sing. I miss those times of joy shared with all of us and will keep those memories close to my heart.

We didn’t get bombarded with a bunch of condolences or unnecessary limelight hailing the incredible impact you have made for the Morton Arboretum and the world over- it was exactly how you wanted. What an appropriate theme title for this year’s event... ‘Evergreen.’ Seasons, especially in the Midwest, do change. Those leaves of deciduous trees become barren for months at a time. But your impact is a conifer in every way. And your legacy will be the evergreen that only grows and flourishes with time...




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