Bosley's 17th!
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Sunday, June 02, 2019
By ISOsplash

“Bosley’s 17th!”

Happy 17th birthday to the best black lab I’ve ever known! He’s pretty much my world and keeps teaching me to love the simple things in life. Although he’s taking it a lot more easy these days, he still sports that wagging tail and, as the Two Bostons - Wheaton trio team can attest, he still has an astonishing appetite (he basically inhaled 1/2 of his bday cake in the blink of an eye)! Bosley’s a bit on uncharted territory for his age, so I’m inviting anyone and everyone to stop by sometime during this bday week bonanza and snap a selfie with this cuddle bug. I know he would love to see some peeps from the different rescues we’ve had the honor of working with since he’s the reason I’ve developed a true heart for animal welfare :) Thank you for making this 1st day of his bday week extra special!

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