Companion Canine Conclusions with Color
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Friday, October 25, 2019
By ISOsplash

“Companion Canine Conclusions with Color”

the heart bleeds when the soul needs solace for the moment when we know it’s time to say goodbye. I’m more grateful than sad, because Bosley was not only a legendary lab like his younger brother- he was a beacon of hope, wonder, compassion, love and all of the above many times over.

Volunteering our time at the senior homes on holidays became a staple of gratitude and service for years. Seeing the impact animal assisted therapy made with special needs kids and adults was wonderful. And exploring ways to support entire pet therapy programs such as the Hinsdale Humane Society was a beautiful blessing. Even this year, we got to celebrate his 17th birthday with all of the Two Bostons Pet Boutiques while shining a light on senior rescues via the A.D.O.P.T. Pet Shelter's Wilbur Fund.

And even the subtle way he would follow my late father around- just a wagging tail and sense of calm to keep the mood zen- what a special boy my Bosley was!

Here now, this morning, he takes notice of the beautiful fall colors one last time. I lose count of how many times I tell him that it will be okay while his tail wags and I pet him. His breathing is calm and yet tired. There is no distress but rather a sense of peace as we just look at the recently changed hues from our shared window view. I’m sure the tears will well up soon, but how lucky am i to have made so much room in my heart and love a companion animal with so much purpose.
more info on the ADOPT Pet Shelter Wilbur Fund:

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