Cousin Brothers
Saturday, September 28, 2019
By ISOsplash

“Cousin Brothers”

it felt so surprising being addressed as “cousin brother” for the first time. I had just stopped over in Dubai a few years back on my way to India for some incredible commercial and humanitarian assignments I was flown over to work on. Back in 2014 when I first met my first cousin, Kannan, (one of over 40 first cousins), he made mention that I should think about doing some creative work overseas. Two words accompanied my knee jerk response... “yeah right.” And yet he spoke with such certainty... as if him believing in me was such a foreign concept. Maybe it was literally foreign in every sense of the word... but he wasn’t wrong. This photo was from 2017 for a quasi family reunion... like 30 lbs ago when my health was a bit in limbo contending with chronic pain and the inability to train. And Kannan has a twin brother, Unni, and I honestly don’t know which twin I’m with here. Shit lol. They are both awesome!! Periodic pain free moments such as these were a welcomed waypoint towards getting to a better place. How blessed am I to be bouncing back and surrounded by so much love. Be it blood brothers, brothers from another mother, or cousin brothers, being there for and believing in each other feels like one of the best blessings one could ever ask for.


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