Fifty Thousand Pennies for Your Thoughts
Monday, July 22, 2019
By ISOsplash

“Fifty Thousand Pennies for Your Thoughts”

As wonderful as farm-to-table experiences can be with savory food, sustainably-built surroundings, and superb beverage selections, there is more to celebrate when friends of friends meet for the first time. And it just so happens that two of my friends making each other acquaintances share the same birthday. And so sparks more exploration such that everyone at this dinner outing have August birthdays minus my good self. But perhaps my August ties aren’t so isolated from the rest in that my 4-year cancer free anniversary is coming up on the first day of that very month. Conversations and contemplations over consequential climate accommodations, careers, cuisines, and everything in-between perhaps lent themselves to having harmonious ties back to a floating ceiling in the restaurant made of 50,000 pennies- perhaps for pondering the patrons’ plethora of thoughts. Imagine that.

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