Leftovers of Much Love
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Friday, October 18, 2019
By ISOsplash

“Leftovers of Much Love”

These past few days have been quite incredible with conversations over different cuisines centered around change and what it means to be meaningful. Bringing mom downtown felt good to see her smile from 65 stories up on a unique high rise with a unique view that had us all taken back in our sleeping bags once upon a time. Shuttling back between downtown and the burbs was worth all the traffic in the world to reconnect and meet amazing friends, tend to my 17 yr old lab, and journey back the next morning to witness such an inspiring sunrise. The metaphor of what could be possible to have more allows us to give more and that’s just always the way we have opened the door to many possibilities for others including ourselves. Being able to spend time with my sister only brought us closer as we both learn what it means to love while feeling this sense of loss. It‘s both beautiful and yet empty in the context of having this yearning to fill a void that essentially cannot be filled... rather refocused into just being more than we were once before. So here’s to being a more welcoming host, to being a more informed philanthropist, a more supportive brother, a more patient and understanding son, and a (one day) more loving companion. With both meals and meeting others, there are always leftovers of much love to go around.
More info on the National Center for Family Philanthropy here: https://www.ncfp.org/

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