Perfect 10 Family Field Trip
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Tuesday, October 01, 2019
By ISOsplash

“Perfect 10 Family Field Trip”

What a great way to start the day in the company of my nephew, Mom and her sister with a morning coffee run... beyond the standard- issue Starbucks (no disrespect) via field trip outings in an open air Rubicon Wrangler! We arrived in Plainfield to sample all the glory that the local Ten Drops Coffee Lab had to offer. From precise pour overs to signature sweet lattes (Aaron recommends the ‘Conquistador’) to creative cappuccinos, the experience was extra special indeed. When asked by my aunt visiting from the Philippines, “Mon, what goes with this coffee?”, my unconventional reply contrasting away from an edible consumable was simply, “good company and smiles, Auntie Ione.” It was quite the enduring endeavor, about a month ago, to have various nurses always ask my father about his pain level based on a self-assessed score. He would make light of that inquiry every time with a standard response of “1.625.” That can all be in the rear view mirror moving forward. Seeing mom so happy in the company of visiting family is something anyone would score as a Perfect 10 for sure. Here’s to more perfect scores and new memories created with the incoming of love for mom...
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