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Friday, June 21, 2013
By ramon nayar

At the mere age of 2, this trio of adorable cousins who all came into this world in the same year possess a technology interface skill set that trumps most generations. Life for them in many ways is a matter of swipes and touch points, and even if they don’t apply, they’ll still try. They might attempt to swipe your face if they don’t like the expression, or swipe a table tray if they want something else to eat, or swipe each other. So what happens when you place in front of them something with actual keys that are to be pushed down? It’s a bunch of fun, of course! Their grandmother was a pro at these L.C. Smith typewriters once upon a time- hammering out over 60 words per minute! So for Rylee, Taytum, and Raiden, these little ones are experiencing old school contemplations in the modern age. Perhaps there are other “communication roots” that are worth our children knowing about- as a way to remember to just slow down and enjoy the world around us- screen not included or necessary even. 

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