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Monday, September 01, 2014
By ramon nayar


“The Neighbor’s Labor on these Midwest Lands”

The silhouette of this tractor
and trees before a bordering creek
remain another factor
for generations to seek a tether
drawn to this purpose driven life
And such remains true
for a farmer and his wife…

From dusk until dawn
this “everyday” moves on
quite differently than times before-
when suburbia was not so far removed
when communities were next door
and that setting sun was shared…

For a farmer’s day
was never any less demanding
than any other neighbor’s labor 
upon these Midwest Lands-
with equal focus of the mind
and hard-working hands…

And there remains a legacy
for this devoted lifestyle-
these guardians of both crops
and breathable horizons
where sky patterns roam free
from buildings and industry-
where the sun sets with no regrets
for supper will be ready soon
and complimenting dessert
will be a full moon with stars

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