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Sunday, April 26, 2015
By ramon nayar

"Sometimes We Make Room"

And old cliche whispered to me this day
in Holland, Michigan where skies were grey
and yet color found its way to come out and play
with our hearts which seemed yearning for change
and there was one reason for this season
to greet me discretely…

picturesque in part
where one stem would end, and where one would start
but it was different this year
because there was joy so near
and not so far off into the distance
or at least in this instance

for this was the spring
where i learned to let go
to what any day could bring
after the winter, after the snow
for sometimes we make room
for those special things to bloom…
© ISO Splash - Ramon Nayar. All Rights Reserved. Ramon is an internationally commissioned, Asian-American, cause-driven artist whose form of storytelling is done through digital photography and creative writing. Do these images inspire or add to your day? If so, do make them ‘share-worthy’ to lift up others. Like us on