Tethered Generations
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Sunday, June 16, 2019
By ISOsplash

“Tethered Generations...”

Pick a suit... any suit... with clip-on ties from when I was in elementary school to “Madhavan-style” ties you taught me to fold as if it were second nature. I remember that first day you leaned over me and maneuvered those wraps and folds with such precision- looking in the mirror and thinking how cool you looked in those glasses... I wanted to be cool like you one day. Each tug made that neck of the tie so aligned, until the fit had no more room for perfection. It was in those moments where we would attend all of those award ceremonies celebrating you as an entrepreneur that I met the first person in my life with laser focus- the retrospective recognition and newfound respect of hard work. And now with this photograph, sharing the moment of a family foundation legacy that you established to help others leverage laser focus to see new ways to make the world a better place- for this I will always be grateful. Well, that and my tan :) Happy Father’s Day.

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