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Tuesday, September 29, 2015
By ramon nayar

“Dusk from Above”

The spill of light on the Fox River’s path
Descends upstream with seasons in transition
As I took myself to a perfect position from above
To capture this juxtaposition of balance between
a myriad of thoughts
of what was gained, of what was lost
Yes, the light was leaving this sun-painted sky
just as the chlorophyll departs on this deciduous tree
that i’m orbiting around from what was found up here
and i’m losing myself to the tranquility of it all
as these days become cooler- 
as the leaves begin to fall
with this dusk from above…


© ISO Splash - Ramon Nayar. All Rights Reserved. Ramon is an internationally commissioned, Asian-American, cause-driven artist whose form of storytelling is done through digital photography and creative writing. Do these images inspire or add to your day? If so, do make them ‘share-worthy’ to lift up others. Like us on

Wednesday, September 18, 2013
By ramon nayar

The painted memory of this place becomes my perspective to reflect on among the rapid thoughts that race through me just as the ripples on the river danced with shivers that I felt that day. But it was not because of the cold air mixed with intervals of temporary warmth traveling with the geysers greeting us on this September morning. I was alone with my competing thoughts fighting for focus and attention- similar to an unending cloudscape compelling the water to surface its presence with sound. And even the trees served as bystanders of nature’s elements- better to be brushed away with strokes of indifference yet a necessary reference to what stood before me. And each breath I took seemed to flow… sometimes in the shape of the passing fog, and other times the sky itself. My agitation came with each inhale of fresh air… because I was really there- present in a moment where my soul struggled to show itself if only for a brief moment- before my soul’s slumber that would only lead me to more dreams of this life waiting to be explored even more…
© ISO Splash – Ramon Nayar. All Rights Reserved. Do these images inspire or add to your day? If so, do make them ‘share-worthy’ to lift up others. Like us on